We believe sadness isn’t bad, grief is normal and universal, and grief isn’t something you can cure. It is not a sickness. It is an experience.

Grief is never linear. There is no roadmap and no one can tell you what you will feel next. You’ve got this. Life after a loss is different. It will never be the same, but you can find a new version of normal. You won’t move on. You will move forward. You will always be your own expert. Grief is entirely individual, but you are never alone in it.

We promise no nonsense. No pitying. No glossing over death. No down speaking. We will tell you the truth as we know it.  We won’t avoid pain, but we will always try to find joy. We believe in living brilliantly. We will give support on the worst days and encourage you on your best days.

Eat well. Sleep well. Be well. Love big.

Our Experts

Carla Cheatham Hospice advisor to TrueSolace

Rev. Carla Cheatham, MA, MDiv, Ph.D., TRT

Grief and Loss Advisor

Stephanie D. Rogers, GCCA-GT, CT

Grief and Loss Advisor

J. Worth Kilcrease, MBA, MA, LPC, FT

Grief and Loss Advisor

Rev. Diane M. Datz, RN, MA

Grief and Loss Advisor

Larry Stuart, Jr.

End-of-Life Industry Advisor
Kelvin Chin Advisor for TrueSolace

Kelvin Chin, MA, JD

Meditation and Mindfulness Advisor

Core Team

Eric Neuhaus CEO of TrueSolace

Eric Neuhaus

Founder and C.E.O.
Gage Holloway Product Manager of TrueSolace

Gage Holloway

Product Manager

Emily Eakin

Research and Development
Jorge Baca Art director for TrueSolace

Jorge Baca

Art Director

Lemuel Anaejionu, JD, MBA

General Counsel

Zach Richardson

Technical Development