Online Grief Support

Online bereavement care means personalized, 24-7 grief support to your families.  It can be used as a tool to increase communications and ensure that each individual receives the support they deserve from your organization.

Benefits for Families

A Private Space

Researchers have found the internet to be a “naturally attractive” space for many to anchor their grief experiences. Given that common experiences in grief include social, emotional and physical isolation, being able to process loss effectively while in an introverted state makes a lot of sense.


People expect online products. As internet usage dramatically increases year over year even among older generations, giving your families easily accessible grief support is paramount. 

Expertly Crafted Content

Every piece of content on TrueSolace is created by our team of counselors and thanatologists. We deliver these resources in a personalized and adaptable way to ensure that every user receives the highest level of support. 

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